Raffle Results

 “When this Express Post did arrive in our letterbox along with your delightful letter & the cheque, we were blown away. We still can’t quite believe it.”

$20,000 National Raffle 35 First Prize Winner

 “I was thrilled when I got the telephone call to say my name had been picked out and I had won $1,000 cash. I am going to put it towards a holiday in England to spend some time with my two sisters.”

$1,000 National Raffle 33 Regular Raffle Prize Winner

 “It’s going to happen to someone, and it happened to me. And it could happen to you, next raffle.”

Josie Everson of Ingleside. National Raffle 29 Winner

National Raffle 41

Drawn: Friday 21st December 2018
First Winner: 77715 (Mrs P of QLD 4356)
Early Bird Winner: C from NSW 2526. Credit Card Bonus winner:  Monthly Supporter winner: D from NSW 2844. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: M from VIC 3678

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National Raffle 40

Drawn: Monday 29th October 2018
First Winner: 87119 (Mr & Mrs H of Vic 3104)
Early Bird Winner: M from NSW 2474. Credit Card Bonus winner: C from Vic 3950. Monthly Supporter winner: H from NSW 2620. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: B Vic 3204

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Premium Raffle 3

Drawn: Monday 25th June 2018
First Winner #1: 2762(R of Pimpino VIC 3401)
First Winner #2: 656 (R of Windsor QLD 4030)

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National Raffle 39

Drawn: Monday 23rd July 2018
First Winner: 306063 (L of Bonnyrigg NSW 2177)
Early Bird Winner: N from Ironbark QLD 4306. Credit Card Bonus winner: C from Padstow NSW 2211. Monthly Supporter winner: T from West End QLD 4101. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: A Norwood SA 5056

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National Raffle 38

Drawn: Monday 4th June 2018
First Winner: 262837 (E of Cessnock NSW 2325)
Early Bird Winner: K from Mcdowall QLD 4053. Credit Card Bonus winner: R from Malvern East VIC 3145. Monthly Supporter winner: B from Gunnedah NSW 2380. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: P from Hawthorndene SA 5051

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National Raffle 37

Drawn: Monday 16th April 2018
First Winner: 86031 (E of Linfield NSW 2070)
Early Bird Winner: L from Ringwood VIC 3134. Credit Card Bonus winner: Z from Burwood NSW 1805. Monthly Supporter winner: M from Flagstaff Hill SA 5159. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: J from Winston Hills NSW 2153

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National Raffle 36

Drawn: Monday 26th February 2018
First Winner: 49202 (O of Deer Park VIC 3023)
Early Bird Winner: J from Emerald VIC 3782. Credit Card Bonus winner: K from Redwood Park SA 5097. Monthly Supporter winner: P from Burnett Heads QLD 4670. Regular Raffle Supporter winner: M from Horsham VIC 3400

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National Raffle 35

Drawn: Monday 8th January 2018
First Winner: 57927 (J of Peregian Beach QLD 4573)
Early Bird Winner: M from Meningie SA 5264. Credit Card Bonus winner: J from Korumburra vic 3950. Monthly Supporter winner: P from Kyabram VIC 3620

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Premium Raffle 2

Drawn: Friday 22nd December 2017
First Winner: 3819 (P of Sussex Inlet NSW 2540)
Second Winner: 4405 (D of Norlane VIC 3214)

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Premium Raffle 1

Drawn: Friday 20th October 2017
First Winner: 4114 (A of Alotona North VIC 3025)
Second Winner: 633 (E of Somerton Park SA 5044)

Winners notified

National Raffle 34

Drawn: Monday 13th November 2017
First Winner: 174350 (name withheld)
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize: R of Coorparoo, QLD 4151
Credit Card Bonus: (name withheld)
Early Bird Winner:  A of Sefton Park, SA 5083

Winners notified

National Raffle 33

Drawn: Monday 18th September 2017
First Winner: 159415(R of Maroochydore QLD 4558)
Early Bird Winner: W of Toowoomba QLD 4350
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize: J of Bowning NSW 2582
Credit Card Bonus: M of Fawkner VIC 3060

Winners notified

National Raffle 32

Drawn: Monday 24th July 2017
First Winner: 172434 (name withheld)
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize: T of Lara, VIC 3212
Credit Card Bonus: J & M of McKinnon, VIC 3204
Early Bird Winner:  R of Mornington, VIC 3931

Winners notified

National Raffle 31

Drawn: Monday 29th May 2017
First Winner: 142135 (R of Sunbury, VIC 3429)
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize: 10893 (N of Ironbark, QLD 4306)
Credit Card Bonus: 62202(L of Glanville, SA 5015)
Early Bird Winner:  M of Cowes, VIC 3922

Winners notified

National Raffle 30

Drawn: Monday 3rd April 2017
First Winner: 468286 (W of Glenbrook, NSW 2773)
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize:27619 (E&M of Arana, QLD 4054)
Credit Card Bonus: 285576 (T of Nimbin, QLD 2480)
Early Bird Winner: 264880 (R of Everton Park, QLD 4053)
Big Player Bonus:330324 (B of Melbourne, VIC 3207)
Winners notified

National Raffle 29

Drawn Monday 6/02/2017
1st prize winner: 390965 (E of Ingleside, NSW 2101)
Regular Raffle Supporters’
Prize: 42356 (K of Mornington, VIC 3931)
Credit Card Bonus: 488970 (B of Baromi, VIC 3871)
Early Bird Winner: 138375 (B of Blackmans Bay, TAS 7052)
Winners notified

National Raffle 28

Drawn: Monday 12th December 2016
First Winner: 16253 (K of Wodonga, VIC 3690)
Early Bird Winner: 548537 (B of Winchelseas, VIC 3241)
Regular Raffle Supporter’s Prize: 3091 (P of Currie, TAS 7256)
Credit Card Bonus: 356431 (D of Cooroibah, QLD 4565)
Winners notified

National Raffle 27

Drawn Monday 17/10/2016
1st prize winner: 303315 (C of Hounville, TAS 7109)
Regular Raffle Supporters’
Prize: 66459 (R & S of Stanthorpe, QLD 4380)
Speed Draw: 259951 (D of Oakey, QLD 4401) Drawn
on 22/08/2016
Winners notified

National Raffle 26

Drawn Monday 22/08/2016
1st prize winner: 261907 (C of Montmorency, VIC 3094)
2nd prize winner: 564839 (L of Caringbah, NSW 2229)
Speed Draw: 133675 (V of Eden, NSW 2551)
Regular Raffle Supporters’
Prize: 38039 (J of Palmerston, NT 0831)
Winners notified

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