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About Australian Red Cross

Red Cross works every day to improve and save lives. We bring comfort and care to elderly Australians, young parents, communities hit by emergencies, homeless people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, vulnerable migrants, overseas communities living in poverty, and others who need support. Read more

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These are some of the people you’ll be helping

Families and children

Red Cross supports vulnerable parents to access the best services for themselves and their kids. We provide cooking and nutrition workshops, family support groups, and programs for young parents to grow happy, healthy families.

Communities hit by emergencies

As soon as a disaster strikes, Red Cross is there, helping to link people up with relief services and giving emotional support. And long after the emergency is over, we stand by people and communities as they rebuild their lives.

Older people

Red Cross supports elderly Australians to be more independent, improve their wellbeing, build social connections, and remain living in the homes and communities that mean so much to them.

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